Our Philosophy

Grand Union Sound is a collective of highly creative DJs, engineers, performers and artists whose guiding principles are to provide great sound and enjoyment to as many people as possible.

Born in 2008 out of a desire to raise the bar in terms of sound quality at the events we were playing at, we have been developing and honing our parties ever since, providing sound, light and music to festivals, parties, celebrations and nightclubs across the UK and in Europe. Through our network of talented creators we can provide the expertise to make any event sizzle.

We stay well clear of the predictable and the pedestrian, preferring to focus on the original and the quirky. This applies equally to the music we play and to the kind of party we create.

Our values extend beyond the superficial, as we also strive to minimise the environmental impact of our work. The two founder members are sustainability professionals, and can provide both the planning and footprinting skills to ensure your event is brought to fruition with the maximum engagement and minimum environmental impact.

A sonic and visual feast for the senses.

Centred around two high quality sound systems, we can convert the barest of spaces into a sonic and visual feast for the senses. We can provide anything from simple kit hire to structures, décor and programming for small and medium sized festival stages as well as advising on sustainable event delivery so that your event goes off with the minimum environmental impact.

Our Services

System Hire

We have at our disposal two potent systems capable of delivering high fidelity sound to clubs or festival stages. Our flagship system is a Meta Acoustics rig which has incredible power, sound quality and looks and suits venues of about 1,000 people. Our small system is perfect for more intimate venues of up to 500 people and packs a big and beautiful sounding punch for its size. Both have the highest quality components to ensure top sound quality.

Festival Stages

Grand Union Sound can manage a complete stage at your festival, supplying a comprehensive package of structures, sound systems, DJ equipment, monitors, mixing desks, microphones, lighting, projections and visuals. We have also built up a roster of highly talented DJs each with their own distinct sound and our selection is eclectic but relentlessly positive, ranging from reggae to afrobeat, jazz to hip hop, soul to gypsy and much else besides.

Sustainable Events

The founders of Grand Union Sound are sustainability professionals with a wealth of experience in delivering low impact events. We provide consultation services for event planning, carbon footprinting, emission and waste reduction as well as engagement with your audience on sustainability issues, insuring that your event can go ahead with maximum enjoyment and minimum environmental impact.

Our Systems

Meta System

Grand Union Sound's Meta Acoustics main system is a boundary pushing system. Aesthetically, acoustically, and through use of cutting edge design and technology, it has advanced past the simple 'square box' age of loudspeaker design. Using uncompromised design principles, more often associated with high-end Hi-Fi than Pro-Audio, the system has the capacity to reproduce audio signals to a highly resolved level, while maintaining musicality that few others can match.

Fast, clean impulse response and huge efficiency across all speakers result in very low distortion. The Terrahorn itself offers the longest commercial sub-horn path length available, accurately reproducing the lowest possible frequencies, with huge authority. Mathematically precise contours and curves within the horn paths ensure that surface diffraction and bandpassing effects are minimised, making the whole system exceptionally smooth, linear and natural sounding. The speakers are acoustically matched at the crossover point, with waveguides that provide extremely linear off-axis response and allow seamless arraying, to create a completely uniform sound field. After many months of testing, and working alongside one of the world’s leading loudspeaker transducer manufacturers, Precision Devices, we have developed a specially designed 18” Driver, for the Terrahorns. With the new drivers, and our own design high-efficiency heat-sinks in place, each Terrahorn is capable of sustaining 2000W (RMS), and peak sound pressure levels over 150dB.

The extremely high acoustic efficiency of the system also makes it unusually well suited to operation on a minimal power supply, and if extreme sound pressure levels are not required we can operate happily on only a few hundred watts. If needed we can supply DC amplifiers which can run directly from solar, wind or even cycle power without the need for an inverter.


Compact System

The Grand Union Sound compact system is suitable for smaller venues or for use as a powerful monitor system and was designed and built by the Grand Union Sound collective.

With compact yet very efficient 15” bass bins offering tight musical bass reproduction down to 40Hz without the need for monolithic stacks and mid tops using components chosen for their warmth and clarity of sound, we believe this system offers sound quality comparable with the best commercial designs, and bass performance that matches or exceeds anything else available in this footprint. The system represents an alternative take on efficiency, allowing us to balance electrical efficiency with a reduced carbon footprint from transportation.

All our equipment, from the smallest of fixtures and fittings, to the most major of components, has been selected to maximise quality and reliability and minimise environmental impact, ensuring that the system not only sounds as good as it does, but maintains reliability under the most demanding conditions.